• Time Out

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    There’s more than one shot at love…

    When Karen Miller loses her job, she relocates to Indiana to start over. Meeting her rambunctious ten-year-old neighbor, Hanna Freeman, changes Karen’s life. Hanna just can’t get enough of the basketball hoop in Karen’s new driveway—and Karen would never turn away a little girl whose mother walked out on her.

    Devoted dad, Terry Freeman is struggling as a single parent. Having Karen come into his daughter’s life couldn’t have happened at a better time. After all, a little girl needs a woman to confide in. When his wife walked out on him, Terry thought that was his final chance at love. He can’t see the possibility of a new love right in front of him. Now, it’s up to Hanna to encourage her father to finally take a shot. Will he score more than a rebound if he opens up his heart again?