Clowns to the Left of Me…

Hey there, everybody. Happy Thursday, we’ve almost made it to the weekend (cue the confetti blast)! We’re doing a little celebrating today because the amazing author Rhoda Baxter’s latest book, Please Release Me, is out. How gorgeous is that cover, huh?

PLEASE RELEASE ME_high res mini

One of the things the main characters in Please Release Me are contending with is “being stuck.” Admit it, at one time or another, we’ve all been there–stuck in traffic, stuck in the quagmire of a work project gone awry, or stuck in a relationship.

Well, that got me to thinking about songs involving people being stuck. And it’s interesting, I think, because in music, being stuck with somebody isn’t always a bad thing. There are any number of songs out there that talk about being stuck with someone, but often the theme is something along the line of “let’s stick together and we’ll make it through.”

That’s not a bad message, especially in today’s troubled times. So I leave you with the opening from the new Netflix show “Grace and Frankie,” which features the incomparable Grace Potter performing the classic hit “Stuck in the Middle With You.”

Stuck In the Middle With You

How how about you? Who else has a song with people stuck you want to mention?

While you’re thinking about it, how about a blurb from Please Release Me for your listening and dining pleasure?

What if you could only watch as your bright future slipped away from you?

Sally Cummings has had it tougher than most but, if nothing else, it’s taught her to grab opportunity with both hands. And, when she stands looking into the eyes of her new husband Peter on her perfect wedding day, it seems her life is finally on the up.

That is until the car crash that puts her in a coma and throws her entire future into question.

In the following months, a small part of Sally’s consciousness begins to return, allowing her to listen in on the world around her – although she has no way to communicate.

But Sally was never going to let a little thing like a coma get in the way of her happily ever after …

Pretty cool, huh? To purchase Please Release Me click here. To catch up with Rhoda, drop by her website at

Thanks for stopping by, and until next time, wishing you sunny skies and warm tailwinds!


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