For those of you who don’t know, my wife Nancy is a HUGE fan of women’s basketball. She’s been a season ticket holder for the Butler University Lady Bulldogs for the past few years and is a regular when the Indiana Fever take the court. And so it was that this past Sunday, for the first time in over twenty years, I found myself playing a round of golf.

Wait…how’d I get from women’s basketball to golf, you ask? Sunday was the annual Butler Women’s Basketball Golf Outing. It’s a fundraiser for the women’s basketball program as well as the St. Vincent Hospital Cancer Walk. You see, both Nancy and Butler’s coach, Beth Couture, are breast cancer survivors who were treated at St. Vincent in 2009. So the event is a cause that’s close to my family’s heart.

In the past, I’ve worked the event as a volunteer while Nancy golfed. This year, I took the leap, bought an inexpensive starter set of clubs and joined her and our two sons on the course. I’d like to say we played well, ony lost one or two balls and were in contention for the overall win. Alas, if I said any of those things, I’d be lying. We were downright awful – but we knew going in we’d be really bad and had great time rejoicing in our awfulness. Nancy and I played the entire round. The guys? Well, when they felt like hitting a shot, they did and when they didn’t they passed.

In the end, we got to spend a sunny day outdoor as a family – flailing away together, cheering each other on, laughing at each other and helping a good cause. And you know what, we were SO bad, we finished dead last. And won the booby prize – a package of athletic socks for each of us. High fives all around for being awful!

So how about you? What are some of your favorite charities or fundraising events? I’d love to hear about them. Until next time, tailwinds!


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