2014 author pic compressedBorn and raised in America’s Heartland, Jim Cangany is proud to call himself a Hoosier. The Indianapolis native came of age when the Colts were still in Baltimore and U2 was still considered “alternative.” It was during his years as an Indiana University student that he initially caught the writing bug. While nothing came of those efforts at the time, the seeds that were planted found a fertile spot in Jim’s imagination to settle into and germinate. It took twenty-five years, marriage, two kids and a couple of careers before those seeds finally burst forth, forming the basis for his first novel, fallen star.

These days Jim pays the bills working in the legal field while keeping on the lookout for new story ideas. His sons Ryan and Aidan keep him busy debating the relative merits of Star Trek versus Star Wars versus Doctor Who. His wonderful wife of over twenty years, Nancy, amazes him every day with her wit, her kindheartedness, and her ability to survive in a household of less than tidy men. When he’s not writing, Jim spends his time following professional cycling and rooting for the Hoosiers from his alma mater Indiana University.

Come along for the ride.

Who knows where we’ll end up.

It’s the adventure that makes the trip worth while!

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