Sleep In Sunday – Lucky Star

Hey Everybody!

It’s a rainy Sunday morning (okay almost afternoon, but anyway) here in Indy, so I thought it would be a great time for a little preview of LUCKY STAR. Story number two in The North Star Trilogy, LUCKY STAR picks up shortly after the conclusion of FALLEN STAR.

Here’s a snippet from their first conversation after E.J. returned to Indianapolis. Hope you like it!


The phone rang twice before she answered.

“It’s about time you called. I was getting worried. Thought maybe you found a new girl on the ride home from the airport and had already forgotten about little old me.”

That was Annie. She never let an opportunity to needle me go by.

“Well there was this group of Sports Illustrated swimsuit models on the plane who wanted to party with me. But for some reason, I couldn’t turn my attention from a little music video someone gave me.”

“Oh Lord stop it, E.J. If you met a group of swimsuit models, you’d faint dead away.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” I glanced at the picture taped to the fridge of me arm-in-arm with the Tour of California podium girls and shook my head. Definitely not.

“So…how was your flight?”

Annie’s pause before asking about my flight suggested maybe she was as out of practice with this boyfriend-girlfriend thing as I was. Despite the trials and tribulations we’d gone through since we’d met, I had the feeling those bumps in the road were just child’s play compared to what we were up against now.


LUCKY STAR comes on February 14, 2014. That’s right, Valentine’s Day, the perfect day to release a romance. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, tailwinds!

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