Sleep in Sunday – Jim’s Magical Excellent Mystery Adventure Tour

*Cue the Music* – Jim’s Magical Excellent Mystery Adventure Tour

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be popping up all over the virtual world in the next few weeks chatting about writing, romance, and who knows what else.  The fun kicks off tomorrow when I’ll be visiting with Romance Writer Babette James and talking romance, Fallen Star and a few other things. The tour continues on Wednesday, November 27 at the Contemporary Romance Writers of America blog when, just in time for Thanksgiving, I’ll be counting down the top ten things for which I’m thankful. Then, on December 11, I return to the CRWA blog to talk about holiday traditions, a perfect lead in to the publication of my short story The Christmas Angel on December 13. After taking a few weeks to celebrate The Christmas Angel, the tour picks back up on December 27, when I visit with romance author JM Kelley.

That’s not all…In January, I’ll be paying a return visit to one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet when I return to Marisa Cleveland’s Pens & Peonies blog. Who knows, maybe that’s where I’ll get to show off the cover to Lucky Star, book two in the North Star Love Stories.

Speaking of which, Lucky Star hits the virtual book shelves on Friday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t ask for a better day to release this story. The following day, Saturday, February 15, I’ll be hanging out at the Contemporary Romance Café dishing about my favorite secondary characters. Here’s your chance to find out a little about my fave from The North Star stories, Gloria Washington.

But wait, there’s more! On February 23, I jump across the virtual pond to visit with London’s own Rhoda Baxter on her Inheritance Books site, where we’ll be talking about a special book passed down from my parents. Do you think someone from England will mind if I talk about a book about Ireland?

Even more is planned, but I figure you’re tired of reading about it by now, so be prepared for a steady stream of “Hey, I’m on a blog today” announcements in the coming months. So to wrap things up, how about a snippet from The “Christmas Angel?


Michael Weatherby wrapped his arms around himself and stamped his feet. He cursed himself for not wearing something heavier as the cold seeped through his running shoes. It hadn’t been his idea to come to the parade. His buddies, Seth and Kal, had talked him into the hour’s drive into town for a day to blow off steam before knuckling down for finals.

Have a few beers. Maybe meet some girls. As a fifth-year senior, a break from studying for his last round of finals sounded great. Intentionally or not, Kal hadn’t mentioned anything about standing out in the cold all afternoon watching the locals parade by.


Until next time, tailwinds!



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